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  • Crisis Counseling

    Crisis Counseling


    Are you having trouble coping with problems like stress, anxiety, depression, and overwhelming life events? Have you experienced the loss of job, the loss of a loved one or animal companion? Are you struggling with work related stress? Is social isolation taking its toll on you? Have you received a diagnosis of a chronic medical condition? Are you experiencing a life changing tragedy?

    Crisis counseling is a time-limited intervention with a specific counseling approaches to immediately stabilize those in crisis. Our crisis counselors are here to help you understand the chaos of the moment.

    Stressful life events happen suddenly and without warning. We are here to talk to you about your life crises and abrupt life changes that are causing you distress.

    When you experience a crisis, it generates physical and/or emotional pain. If you are feeling helpless, powerless, trapped, and like you have lost control over your life we are available to talk today.

    Do not face these moments alone.

    “Counselors are available please start here”

    Tele Talk Now crisis counseling is not correct for you if:

    • You have thoughts of hurting yourself or others
    • You have a plan to hurt yourself or others
    • You are in need emergency medical treatment
    • You are in an urgent or emergency crisis
    • You are experiencing an ongoing domestic crisis
    • You have a severe mental illness or have been advised to be in Inpatient or Outpatient Psychiatric care
    • You are in court ordered counseling
    • You do not have a reliable internet connection

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